What is Culture?

When you strip it down to its simplest form, organizational culture is how things get done in an organization.

Our 10 Culture Qualities

Every company has a corporate culture, but how do you know if it’s a strong culture? We define a strong culture in terms of 10 qualities common to high-performance companies.


Bigger. Better. Bolder.

Innovation is creativity with a job to accomplish. It is not only concerned with ideas, but also with making ideas happen.

Thick and Thin

Surround yourself and your business with people who will support and lift it higher. In the same way, offering employees support at every level will take you all higher.
Mission and Value Alignment

A Team Effort

Go further by going together. A shared mission makes shared goals. And shared values create a clear path to achieving them. We think you’ll enjoy the view.

It's All You

Even if there is no “I” in team, a successful team consists of committed individuals. Ownership and accountability translate into inspiration and harmony.

Fleet Feet

The pace of life is only going to accelerate with time. Agile companies not only stay on their toes for the surprise around the corner, they embrace it.

Be Mindful

Hand over the weights, and pass the books! When you take care of your employees, they take care of your company and your customers.

Team Up

Everyone wins when people collaborate well. Individuals smile more, teams explore more, and your company achieves more.
Performance Focus

Measure Up

The most successful teams know what success looks like and are recognized for achieving it. When this happens, teammates voluntarily raise the bar and winning becomes contagious.

Real Talk

Information is currency within organizations. How people share with one another drives strong relationships, efficient processes, and meaningful customer interactions.
Work Environment

Happy Habitats

At the office, behind the counter, in the field -- work environments come in all shapes and sizes. The key is making sure you have the size and shape that really works for your team.

Getting a better understanding of culture

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