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Our unique approach to culture is why we’re the provider of choice for companies with 200+ employees, all looking to build the right workplace culture for their businesses.

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What is Organizational Culture?

Workplace culture is made up of the behaviors, beliefs, interactions, and attitudes that determine how things get done within your organization.

A strong, clearly defined, and well-communicated culture impacts all corners of your organization. It drives faster decision making. Alignment on business goals. Higher employee engagement, productivity, retention. The list goes on.

We define a strong workplace culture as having two components:


The objectively good qualities to possess, like effective communication.


The unique qualities that help your organization deliver to your customers.

The best part? CultureIQ helps you measure both.

How CultureIQ Measures Culture

The CultureIQ platform is powered by a unique approach to measuring company culture.

Building The Right Culture For Your Business Benchmarking Operational Culture Aligning Strategic Culture
This approach helps you strengthen your unique workplace culture to drive competitive advantage. Here’s how we do it.

Benchmarking Your Operational Culture

A strong operational culture has 10 objective qualities common to high-performance cultures. By measuring each, you can clearly benchmark your culture’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • Support
  • Innovation
  • Responsibility
  • Mission and Value Alignment
  • Wellness
  • Agility
  • Performance Focus
  • Collaboration
  • Work Environment
  • Communication

CultureIQ’s core survey sheds light on these 10 qualities and your overall Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS). The CultureIQ platform then calculates your CultureIQ Score based on results — all so you can easily measure and benchmark your culture over time.

For more information about these qualities,
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Automatic Handling boosted their CultureIQ Score 33% in one year with ongoing surveys

Identifying Your Strategic Culture

Your organization’s culture is a unique reflection of your team and leadership, customer expectations and marketplace demands.

So CultureIQ evaluates where your company falls along the following nine spectrums and how well that aligns with your target culture. Doing this helps you find your “secret sauce” — aka your culture’s unique qualities that set you apart in the marketplace.

For more information about these qualities,
download our methodology resource here!

Over 800 organizations use CultureIQ to strengthen their culture

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Strengthen Your Culture With CultureIQ

Our approach to culture is reflected across the CultureIQ platform, which combines flexible technology with expert support from our team of strategists. As the preferred solution for companies with 200+ employees, we’re here for you every step of the way. So you can strengthen your organization’s unique culture to drive competitive advantage.

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