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Our benchmarked employee survey, intuitive culture software and seasoned culture strategy team gives you unparalleled insight into what’s happening within your organization, plus guidance on exactly where to focus next.


The 3 elements you need to strengthen your company culture

Employee Surveys

Our corporate culture surveys measure your culture qualities and strengths.

The feedback from these surveys will provide you a comprehensive understanding of your current culture, plus a roadmap towards your ideal business culture.

Culture Software

Analyze and share real-time results from your corporate culture surveys.

You'll give every team member a voice and keep department heads aligned on your culture. Because when leadership is engaged and employees feel included, nothing can stop you.

Culture Strategy

When it’s time to analyze your data, we’ll be by your side to determine next steps.

Your dedicated strategic consultant will give you clarity and support to help shape your culture long-term and guide your cultural change.

CultureIQ partners with...

  • HR Departments
  • Talent Management Teams
  • Global Organizations
  • High-Performing Companies
  • Non-Profits
  • Fast-Growing Start-Ups

Culture management technology for scaling and enterprise organizations

  • Report by team

    Drill down by team, manager or whatever demographic designation stakeholders find helpful.

  • Global surveys

    Our surveys are translated into 26 languages, perfect for global organizations and diverse teams.

  • Anonymous reporting

    Rest assured employees are sharing what they really think. All CultureIQ surveys and reports can be anonymized.

A business culture software and an employee engagement platform that give you full control

With CultureIQ you get access to...

  • Are employees pleased with your new benefits program?

    How is morale after the recent merger?

    Use our out-of-the box culture survey as a launching point, or customize your own questions.

  • 2. Intuitive software you'll want to use

    From technophiles to technophobes, teams complete our corporate culture surveys in record numbers.

  • 3. A suite of tools designed for year-round insights

    Culture doesn’t happen once a year, and morale can change at the drop of a hat.

    We combine pulse surveys, trend questions and team accountability to give you a clear view throughout the year.

Don't just take our word for it

“Most importantly, utilizing CultureIQ has shown our employees that their feedback is important to us.”

Jacque Kress
SMS Assist

“CultureIQ has been great. I believe all companies can benefit from engaging with their culture in this way.”

Ned Taleb

“CultureIQ has been such a meaningful tool for MailChimp. The surveys have helped us improve our internal communication across the board, and employees appreciate the opportunity to share feedback throughout the year. And the customer service is amazing!”

Marti Wolf

“CultureIQ provides our companies with the ability to measure, assess, and take timely and appropriate actions in addressing the engagement of our rapidly growing and evolving global workforce.”

Christina Ptasinski
Crane Companies

“CultureIQ has been a simple, user-friendly and easy to navigate tool that allows us insights into our employees around the globe.”

Allison Down
General Assembly

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