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Don’t be fooled into thinking company culture is intangible or mysterious. With the right data—and the right tool to collect that data—your path ahead is clear.

Our benchmarked survey lets you dive deep into employee feedback without the clunkiness (or wait time!) of most annual surveys. When paired with our in-house strategy team, you’ll have everything you need to make brilliant business decisions—from how to train your leaders, to who to hire. This approach to strengthening culture is what drives our team — and what makes CultureIQ the preferred solution for scaling and enterprise companies.

We believe...

Culture is a business concern, not just an HR issue. This is especially true for scaling and enterprise organizations.

Companies who don’t focus on culture have a harder time competing, recruiting and staying relevant.

When you understand your culture, you can make smarter decisions business-wide.

Culture and engagement happen year-round. They should be measured accordingly.

Eliminate fluff, speculation and “management by opinion.” CultureIQ makes people analytics crystal clear by giving you the data to make better, more informed decisions.


July 2013

Founded by Zappos early investor and NYU adjunct professor Greg Besner


Interviewed hundreds of HR & talent executives, academic experts and thought leaders to develop our high-performance culture framework

September 2014

Sent survey to our very first customer

October 2014

Official launch party at Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh’s Las Vegas home

May 2015

Our first multinational customer hit "send" on their first global survey

June 2015

Launched the first-ever Top Company Culture contest with Entrepreneur magazine

August 2015

Introduced our Culture Strategy team

December 2015

Reached 400 organizations using our platform to measure their organizational culture

March 2016

Added Trend Questions to our product—a powerful feature that collects ongoing employee feedback without survey burnout

November 2016

Reached 800 organizations using our platform and framework to measure their organizational culture

May 2018

CultureIQ merges with CEB’s Workforce Surveys & Analytics (WS&A) division, which has been acquired from Gartner with the financial support of the private equity firm ParkerGale Capital.

Our journey continues

More coming soon...

Our Values

  • Treat ourselves and our clients with respect
  • Respect data, but make human decisions
  • Be open to change and maintain flexibility
  • Celebrate and enjoy the journey

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