Culture Crash Course Lesson 6: Setting Company Culture and Employee Engagement Metrics

Welcome to the final lesson of our Crash Course on understanding and strengthening company culture. We’ll wrap up your Culture Crash Course with the logical last step: Deciding on your company’s culture and employee engagement metrics. 

As we covered in Lesson 1 and Lesson 2, company culture impacts every corner of your business and is, therefore, a highly important business issue. Eighty-two percent of business leaders believe that culture is a potential competitive advantage, in fact.

As we covered in Lesson 3, it’s common best practice for businesses to measure what’s important — company culture included. As we covered in Lesson 4 and Lesson 5, measuring culture via surveys is often the best way to collect feedback.

Ready to wrap up your Culture Crash Course? Read on for metrics recommendations. 

Recommended Culture and Employee Engagement Metrics

You’ll notice that a lot of these metrics depend on employee feedback. In these cases, we recommend sending out a quick survey that asks employees to rate the element/program along a Likert scale. For all these metrics, make sure to track progress over time.

Company Culture Metrics

Results from your culture surveys. What do employees say are your culture’s strengths and opportunities?

Results from your engagement surveys. How do employees say they feel about how things get done at your company?

Results from short-form or additional surveys. What do employees say on single topics, follow ups on company initiatives, or re-measurements of certain cultural qualities?

Manager feedback. How do employees rate their experience with managers? How do managers feel about their roles, goals, and support systems?

Participation and Engagement Metrics

Discretionary effort. How much work occurs outside of normal working hours?

Attendance. Are there increasing or decreasing patterns in PTO use or time off?

Participation. How are employees participating in events, employee resource groups, and other optional company activities? How are employees participating in recommended or mandatory trainings and professional development programs?

Communication. How often do employees meet with peers and managers? Are meetings considered effective or redundant? Are emails read and responded to?

Productivity. Are employees performing to their potential? How often do employees reach or surpass their goals?

Retention Metrics

Departures. Which employees have left the company within the past 30 days? List by department and tenure.

Departure reasons. Why did exiting employees choose to leave the company?

HR incident reports. Are reports increasing or decreasing? Does the data indicate a pattern of discrimination or harassment? Where within the company?

Employer Branding Metrics

Prospective candidate feedback. Why do candidates decide to join (or not join) your company?

Leadership evaluations. How do employees feel about company leadership? How do company leaders feel about their roles, goals, and support systems?

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS). How likely are employees to recommend your company to others?

You can’t expect to improve any trait that you won’t measure, and the same goes for company culture and employee engagement. Bring a renewed focus to your culture by tracking these metrics and analyzing the results on a company culture and employee engagement dashboard. You’ll quickly have enough data to begin making informed observations and decisions.

Congrats! You’ve completed the Culture Crash Course!

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