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Strengthening Your Culture Also Strengthens Your Business

Organizations with high-performance cultures see the impacts across their teams and their businesses.

High-Performance Companies Share The Same 10 Qualities

At its heart, workplace culture is made up of the behaviors, beliefs, and interactions that dictate how things get done within your organization. These qualities help to drive every decision and guide every employee’s work.

After analyzing research from top consulting firms and universities, we found that the best cultures all share 10 common qualities. The companies with these 10 qualities strengthened their cultures as a result — and saw better financial (and non financial!) results across the board.

The 10 qualities that strong cultures possess are:

  • Collaboration
  • Support
  • Innovation
  • Wellness Work
  • Performance Focus
  • Agility
  • Work Environment
  • Mission & Value Alignment
  • Communication
  • Responsibility

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How Do You Manage Your Culture to Strengthen These 10 Qualities?

You need three things to strengthen these 10 qualities for your culture: surveys, software, and a strategy. Combined, these three components help you effectively measure, manage, and shape your organization’s culture.

Ongoing Feedback

Understanding your culture with employee feedback is the first step in strengthening it. Our core survey tracks your 10 culture qualities over time, so you can better understand your culture’s strengths and weaknesses. Bonus: the surveys are customizable and take under 10 minutes to complete.

Straightforward Analysis

Quickly identify areas of focus with the self-service software we’ve built from the ground up. Learn how your feedback impacts your business with benchmarked data and demographic and group analysis. Share your findings quickly with customizable reports and communication tools.

Strategic Support

Partner with our strategy team to shape your company culture and align it to your business. Our team helps you design your surveys, analyze results, and plan for new culture programs. With CultureIQ, you don’t just get a surveying tool — you get the support you need to act on it.

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The Culture Management Platform That Helps You Shape Your Culture

CultureIQ is the only culture management solution that combines a vertically integrated platform with expert support from our team of strategists.

We’ve partnered with leaders from over 800 mid-sized and enterprise organizations better understand and strengthen their cultures. With CultureIQ, these organizations and their leaders have been able to improve their team’s engagement, retention, and productivity — essentially making culture a competitive advantage.

CultureIQ is perfect for:

  • HR Departments
  • Talent Management Teams
  • Global Organizations
  • High-Performing Companies
  • Non-Profits
  • Fast-Growing Start-Ups

Because Culture Happens More Than Once Per Year

Managing and strengthening culture is an ongoing process. You’ll both empower employees to make their voices heard and inform your culture’s plan of action.

But 64% of organizations only measure employee engagement annually, while nearly one in five employees report that their companies don’t formally measure engagement at all.

CultureIQ is here for the journey. Our tools help you continuously understand and act on your culture. And our team is available for support every step of the way. We partner with you to capitalize on:

  • Pulse surveys, or one-click surveys, that are short and sweet. So you can quickly measure one issue over time.
  • Real-time results so you can check on progress as often as you need to.
  • Custom feedback programs built with our strategy team, so you can set your long-term plan.

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