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The Most Successful Organizations are Powered By These 10 Culture Qualities

We wanted to know how the world’s high-performance organizations create such positive company cultures. Through years of research on measuring and understanding how these organizations see better results across the board, we have identified 10 operational “culture qualities” that fuel them. 

Now you, too, can align cultural behaviors with your business strategy and have happier employees, customers, lower turnover and higher financial results.

Start nurturing these 10 qualities within your organization:

  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Agility
  • Communication
  • Support
  • Wellness Work
  • Work Environment
  • Responsibility
  • Performance Focus
  • Mission & Value Alignment

Create a Positive Company Culture in Just 3 Steps:


Our core survey tracks the 10 culture qualities above, giving you an objective measurement you can actually track.
Our survey is designed by expert survey writers, fully benchmarked, and takes under 10 minutes to complete.


Easy-to-share reports and communication tools let you explore your CultureIQ score, eNPS, and Quality Strength.

Drill down by team, manager or whatever demographic designation stakeholders find helpful.


Get digestible insights that help you measure employee engagement, plus year-round support as you implement new culture programs.

With CultureIQ, you don’t just get a score—you get a project plan.

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The Employee Engagement Platform that helps you turn data into action.

Our benchmarked survey, intuitive software and seasoned strategy team shows you what’s happening in your organization and provides guidance on where to focus next.

CultureIQ is perfect for:

  • HR Departments
  • Talent Management Teams
  • Global Organizations
  • High-Performing Companies
  • Non-Profits
  • Fast-Growing Start-Ups

Culture happens more than once per year

Culture is continuous—that’s why CultureIQ is designed for year-round use.

Pulse surveys collect ongoing feedback, letting you immediately evaluate your latest initiative. Pinpoint problems, measure successes, and gain the flexibility to course correct on everything from a new benefits program to your recent merger.

Don't just take our word for it

“Most importantly, utilizing CultureIQ has shown our employees that their feedback is important to us.”

Jacque Kress
SMS Assist

“CultureIQ has been great. I believe all companies can benefit from engaging with their culture in this way.”

Ned Taleb

“CultureIQ has been such a meaningful tool for MailChimp. The surveys have helped us improve our internal communication across the board, and employees appreciate the opportunity to share feedback throughout the year. And the customer service is amazing!”

Marti Wolf

“CultureIQ provides our companies with the ability to measure, assess, and take timely and appropriate actions in addressing the engagement of our rapidly growing and evolving global workforce.”

Christina Ptasinski
Crane Companies

“CultureIQ has been a simple, user-friendly and easy to navigate tool that allows us insights into our employees around the globe.”

Allison Down
General Assembly

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