Human Resources Software and Tools

What do Human Resources Tools and Software Do?

Human resource software and tools are key to streamlining the broad range of HR operations and helping to manage all HR operations including employee performance, recruiting and training features.

There are a variety of programs available to both streamline and enhance your department’s efforts. With these HR tools you can store employee data, analyze job applications, measure employee happiness and so much more.

Whether you’re adding new hires or keeping track of forms, even the simplest tasks can get unwieldy as your organization grows. With a well-designed piece of software, you can offload repetitive tasks and use your team for more high-value projects.

How HR Software Can Help

Different HR software can address different organizational needs. For example, an applicant tracking system can handle your electronic recruitment process, while performance management software can evaluate and reward employee achievements over time.

HR technology is booming, with more and more tools released every year. According to Forbes, 57% of companies plan to make a major new HR software purchase in the next 18 months—with good reason. There’s just so much work handled by HR teams, and if you can delegate recurring functions to software, you’ll not only increase your team’s output, but make everyone’s jobs more enjoyable.

Efficiency is only part of the equation though. Human resource tools are more powerful than ever, and most teams aren’t just streamlining efforts, but redesigning their strategies completely. The goal is to make these companies stronger than ever—places that encourage employees to stay and thrive.

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Who Can Benefit from HR Tools

Every organization can benefit from some type of tool or software to help with their human resources—which one you choose depends on your unique needs.

For example, a large corporation with thousands of employees can’t effectively manage everyone, so a performance management system might be a great choice.

Organizations with a large remote staff might consider an HR intranet to maximize collaboration.  

A fast-growing start-up with new funding might be looking to scale quickly, so an applicant tracking system that can reach large candidate pools about new positions is crucial.

And for teams tasked with improving company culture, a robust culture management software is the best way to measure and improve your culture over time.

Types of Software and Tools

We’ve highlighted five popular types of HR tools to help you determine which exactly you need.

Applicant Tracking: Applicant tracking systems allow you to follow candidates from their first job application to their last day in the office. A good ATS will also post new jobs and manage your careers page. Robust reporting dashboards let you measure and optimize everything from sourcing to who’s in your pipeline.

Benefits Administration: Benefits software makes it easy for HR administrators to choose plans and for employees to register for those plans. Basic BA platforms handle medical, dental, vision, life and disability insurance. More comprehensive platforms can handle payroll and retirement, including 401ks.

Culture Management: As documented in the 2008 book, Corporate Culture and Performance, companies with a strong culture are associated with strong financial results,. Every company has a culture, but how do you know if yours is strong? A robust culture software will help facilitate an annual survey, with features that let you regularly track and measure your culture over time.

Learning Management Systems: Consistent employee training is key when onboarding team members. You can create your own lessons by purchasing a learning management system and customizing the content to fit your organization. Along with creating video, PowerPoint or written lessons, these systems also let you include quizzes, follow-up trainings and student tracking so you’re always keyed into where employees are in the learning process.

Performance Management: The goal for any performance management software is to make sure employees are appropriately evaluated. This helps managers and HR departments give employees the credit they deserve, including bonuses and compensation adjustments With this type of software you can track goals, give feedback and even offer coaching.

How CultureIQ Can Help You

How CultureIQ Can Help You

Improving company culture—and therefore company morale—starts with one thing: Listening. Are employees pleased with your new benefits program? How is morale after the recent merger?

Only by listening to your employees—their suggestions, their frustrations, their enthusiasm—can you can truly to begin to understand (and shape) your culture. Once you understand where it is now you can start guiding it towards where you want to be.

CultureIQ is the only culture software that helps you turn that data into action. Our benchmarked survey, intuitive software and seasoned strategy team give you unparalleled insight into what’s happening within your organization, plus guidance on where to focus next.

Your employees already have the insights you need—we just help you listen and take action.

Interested in reading more about employee software-related issues? Read more on implementing employee communication tools here.

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