Building Company Culture within a Budget

Greg Besner, Founder & CEO, CultureIQ

Text Transcript

“Hi, I’m Greg Besner, the founder and CEO of CultureIQ.

Most of my peers recognize that investing in culture is critically important.

Why is that?

Let me summarize it for you in under 90 seconds:

Reason ONE: With technology so ubiquitous these days, culture is a company’s only true competitive advantage in the market. Everyone talks about how technology is changing the world and replacing workers. However, the reality that I’m seeing is that the same technology is now available to all companies, and therefore it’s the PEOPLE that make the difference.

Reason TWO: Culture is essential to attract and retain the future generations. I’m finishing up my 30th year as a leader in the workforce, and the main thing that stands out about this generation: they are incredibly informed and mobile. Today’s top talent has the opportunity to work for any company, in any location, in any industry unlike ever before. Culture is what brings them in and keeps them around.

Reason THREE: The right culture helps you execute on your business goals and strategy. We’ve seen incredible innovation and disruptive business models emerge, but none of these strategies can be executed without teams that are engaged, aligned on strategy, and inspired to accomplish those goals. Without culture, the best strategies will flounder.

So if you’re anything like the leaders I talk to everyday – your question might not be whether or not culture is worth investing in. But instead: Where do I start?

We have a whole team at cultureIQ that would love to help you answer that question for your company.

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