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The CultureIQ platform combines our integrated culture management software with expert support from our team of strategists. So you can develop a culture that’s aligned with your business goals to drive competitive advantage.

Use CultureIQ to:

Collect Feedback

Collect Feedback

Gather feedback about your company’s culture and employees’ engagement with customizable surveys.

Analyze Results

Analyze Results

Analyze and share your real-time results with CultureIQ’s reporting and communication tools.

Develop A Strategic Plan

Develop A Strategic Plan

Partner with our strategy team to put data into action, and develop the right culture for your business.

Collect The Employee Feedback You Need

Keep a pulse on your company’s culture with employee feedback. With CultureIQ, you can deploy flexible surveys to identify what your team and your business needs to excel.

  • Culture Assessments:
    Measure qualities common to high-performance cultures, so you can better understand your culture’s strengths and weaknesses. Identify and better understand the qualities unique to your culture.
  • Customized Surveys:
    Design surveys around topics important to you. Customize our templates or create your own, and translate surveys into 26 languages, with more to come.
  • Pulse Surveys:
    Monitor sentiment quickly and easily with these single-question surveys that employees can answer directly from their email inbox.

We wanted a survey that looked beyond individual engagement, and had a solid framework for measuring culture at the organizational level. When we saw CultureIQ’s model we were excited to see how their drivers aligned with the new culture we wanted to build.”

— JoAnne Kruse, Chief HR Officer, American Express Global Business Travel

CultureIQ has been a simple, user-friendly and easy to navigate tool that allows us insights into our employees around the globe.”

— Allison Down, General Assembly

Align Your Leaders Using CultureIQ Software

Use our self-service analytics tools to quickly determine areas of focus and track your progress over time. Turn to our reporting and communication tools to keep leadership aligned.

  • Real-Time Results:
    Gain insights on your dashboard as feedback rolls in — and filter by department, manager, or any other group you choose.
  • Straightforward Analyses:
    Understand how your feedback impacts your business with our driver analysis, benchmarked data, and demographic and group analysis.
  • Simple Sharing Tools:
    Distribute findings to key stakeholders with manager permissions, our presentation builder, and reporting tools.

Partner With Our Culture Strategy Team

With expert support from our team of strategists, we’ll work together to make real, achievable culture change — and align your culture with your business goals.

  • Custom Feedback Program:
    Capture what matters most to your business. We’ll help you develop a feedback schedule to ask the right people the right questions, at the right time.
  • Feedback Analysis:
    Make informed decisions and take action. We’ll help you interpret and present your qualitative and quantitative data, surface key findings, and identify opportunities to act on.
  • Alignment to Your Business:
    Tie your culture’s success to your business strategy. We’ll help you establish your culture change strategy, navigate new initiatives, and communicate to key stakeholders.

Instead of making sweeping generalizations or immediately leaping to solutions, they have taken the time to truly learn about our organization.”

— Rachel Elstad, Director of People, Nando’s Peri-Peri

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Ready to make culture your competitive advantage? CultureIQ is the preferred solution for scaling and enterprise companies, because we’re more than just software. When you partner with us, you get a team of strategists propelling you to success.


  • Unlimited employee surveys
  • Access to analytics and reporting dashboard
  • Tailored guidance and analysis from our experts 

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