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CultureIQ’s company culture software and employee engagement tools let you turn data into action. Gain a deep and practical understanding of your culture with CultureIQ’s analytics dashboard. Then, empower leaders to act quickly with CultureIQ’s reporting and communication tools.

icon for Analyze and distill survey feedback

Analyze and distill survey feedback

icon for Pinpoint key opportunities to strengthen your culture

Pinpoint key opportunities to strengthen your culture

icon for Distribute findings to key stakeholders

Distribute findings to key stakeholders

Real-Time Results

Stay agile

Gain insights on your dashboard as soon as your survey reaches our anonymity threshold. Filter feedback results and response rates by business unit, department, manager, or any other group you choose

Demographic Analyses

Slice and dice your data

Slice and dice your survey responses, sentiment, and participation rate. With CultureIQ’s employee survey software, you can filter and compare results across customized demographic segments like location, department, and tenure.

Comment Theming

Organize your results

Tag qualitative feedback so you can filter results based on themes, words, or sentiment. You can create private tags for your own review. Or, create global tags to share themes with your team.

Driver Analysis

Determine where to focus

Quantify the impact your culture qualities have on your team engagement and satisfaction with a driver analysis. This feature identifies the connection between different variables — say, communication and employee engagement — in just a few clicks, so you can identify areas to prioritize.

Connected Surveys

Understand trends over time

View results from the same question across different surveys, so you can analyze how sentiment shifts over time and across groups.

Report Builder

Align key stakeholders

Act on your results with CultureIQ’s report builder — you can quickly create and share reports directly from the platform, or export as a printable PDF or Excel file.

Manager Portals

Increase transparency across teams

Provide managers access to view their team’s results and send surveys with group-based permissions.

Every time I go into CultureIQ, I feel like there are more features that are exactly what I am looking for – I love it!”

- Alicia Thaver, People & Culture Program Developer at iQmetrix

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