Building Simple Culture Engagement Software

Alex Zhang and Jeremy Keeler, Developers at CultureIQ


Text Transcript

Alex: Hey guys, it’s Alex and Jeremy, your resident developers. Or in other words, we’re the people geeking out on data science (and code — said by Jeremy) in the background.

Jeremy: Here at CultureIQ we know that complicated isn’t better. A lot of times creating a survey is complicated for no real reason, and we do everything we can to avoid that. We can keep it so easy to use because we spend our time thinking about all the things that stress you out, and then distill them into the most important features that get YOU results.

Alex: Not only is our software really easy to use, it’s also actually enjoyable to work with.We’ve been working behind the scenes to roll out some powerful features for your organization. My favorite? Connected surveys. They let you see trends in responses to a question over time, so you can see the big picture monthly or yearly.

Jeremy:. While connected surveys are great, I can’t stop thinking about comment tagging. When employees leave a ton of comments, it can be tough to pinpoint patterns and sort through it all, but with comment tagging, you can group comments into easily searchable categories.

Alex: But even though we might have to agree to disagree on the best new features, one thing we DO agree on? Turning data into action, one survey question at a time.

Both: Thanks!

Thank You!

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