How CultureIQ Stays Ahead of the Culture Curve

Rea Abrahams and Mila Singh, Culture Strategists at CultureIQ

Text Transcript

Mila: Hi everyone, I’m Mila!

Rea: And I’m Rea.

Mila: And we’re culture strategists here at Culture IQ.

Rea: Real job title?

Mila: Yup

Rea: We joined CultureIQ because we know how important culture is to a thriving organization. When I worked in Deloittes human capital practice I partnered with clients through organizational change, and realized how important culture was to their success.

Mila: In my previous roles at Accenture and IBM, I saw how many companies struggle with creating lasting and impactful company cultures. And the one thing ALL companies want to know is… How do you drive real culture change?

Rea: At CultureIQ, we partner with you to discover the root of your culture. Why are people behaving in a certain way and how does it align or not align with your business strategy?

Mila: Together we define and develop a culture that lives at the intersection of what is important to your employees, leaders, shareholders, and customers. As your unbiased, third party partner we deliver the good news as well as the news that may be hard to hear.

Rea: And while we’ll collect a lot of data, we’ll sift through it to uncover the key insights that really matter to your organization. And we’ll help you define actionable next steps that can turn your employee feedback into a stronger intentional corporate culture.

Mila: Here at CultureIQ, we’re constantly questioning the status quo, and we’re always thinking about ways to strengthen company culture. We will challenge you (and help you – said by Rea) to raise the bar for your organization’s performance.

Rea: Thank you!

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