Make Culture Your Competitive Advantage

Krissy Buongiorno (Account Executive) and Mila Singh (Culture Strategist)

Text Transcript

Mila: Hi guys, I’m Mila.

Krissy: And I’m Krissy an Account Executive, and we spend most of our days learning about different companies and their challenges around culture.

Mila: When it comes to company culture, Deloitte has reported that 80% of company leaders think culture is a competitive advantage, but only 28% believe they understand their own culture.

Krissy: Moreso, only 19% feel they even have the right company culture.

Mila: That’s where we come in. We help you optimize your culture, which is how things get done internally, so business just flows better.

Krissy: The CultureIQ approach helps you collect employee feedback and manage company culture. With our modern, and easy-to-use software, coupled with our experienced hands-on strategy team that have business backgrounds in Deloitte, Great Place to Work Institute, and IBM.

Mila: My favorite part of the job is working with executive teams to turn their data into action for their employees, leaders, and customers. Our unique strategic culture model takes into account your team and your values, making the data even more powerful.

Krissy: And speaking of unique, let’s talk about the surveys themselves. (Those are an important part! Haha.–Mila) You can customize all of our surveys for maximum feedback. Tailor them to sound like you, and measure what’s important to your business. It’s all about asking the right employees the right questions at the right time.

Mila: We could talk for days about the incredible difference the right company culture can make, but instead we’ll just say this…

Krissy: Here at CultureIQ, when you partner in us, we invest in you.

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