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Top 10 Considerations for Planning Your Employee Feedback Program

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How often should I send an employee survey?
How do I encourage employees to participate?
What happens after the survey?

Whether you’re a seasoned survey sender or entirely new to the process of sending employee surveys – these are just a few of the details you have to keep straight when planning your feedback program. It’s no wonder that 64% of organizations still only measure engagement annually, despite the recognized importance of collecting feedback on an ongoing basis (Deloitte, 2016)!

Join CultureIQ Culture Strategists, Rea Abrahams and Mila Singh as they walk you through the top 10 considerations for your employee feedback program. Pulling from their experience partnering with clients to design custom feedback programs and our new eGuide “Employee Surveys: Everything You Need to Know,” our experts will explore the following topics:

• How to set the stage for collecting honest, meaningful employee feedback
• Best practices for designing and testing surveys, as well as getting great response rates
• How to involve leaders in the process and align feedback with company goals
• How to follow up after employee surveys

Oct 11, 2017 2:00 PM EST

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